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From the President, Christopher Kline,

     Last month’s demonstration was very informative.  Douglas Steinbarger showed us a lot of material as far as framing and matting is concerned.  I was personally impressed with the depth of knowledge he has on framing.  His artwork is impressive in itself and so many of us work other fields to keep the bread and butter coming.  Thanks to Doug for his addition to our bank of knowledge. 

     Our October demonstrator will be none other than me, Chris Klein.  I have been requested to show my working knowledge of drawing with Walnut Ink.  I love the stuff and we should have a good time.  I hope I can impart my enthusiasm and spark interest in ink drawing.

     We are now asking for help with the Membership Chair position.  Our current Chairperson, Judy Johnson, has done a great job for a long time and needs to step down.  This is a great position for networking our Art Community.  It is not ahuge amount of work.  You meet a lot of people and form great friendships.  Please think about it.

     I am including the Slate of Officers for election for the 2017 cycle following this report.  We need someone to become our Secretary.  We will be voting on this at the November meeting.  If you have suggestions for any post or would like the position yourself, please let us know.  We won’t argue much.  We are also always looking for members to help as Committee Chairpersons list in the second to last page of the Newsletter.  You can also find the Committee Chairpersons list on our web site.  Please think about it.

    We will be doing another Paint-Out and will let you know when it is put together as to where it will be.

    We need your prayers and good wishes for three of our members:  Alice Velasquez-Suarez for a return to good health, Roxanne Tobaison for a return to good health following surgery, and for Doreen Donovan for her upcoming surgery.

    I want to thank Beth Smedley again for the great job she did with the September Newsletter.  We are happy to have her on the board as the new Editor.

     I hope to see you all at the meeting on Monday October 17th. We will fill you in on any more news there.


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