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Delivery of Artwork:  Wed Aug 29th, 9:30AM - 12:00

Awards:  $1,225

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Exhibition at Center Place, Aug 30th - Sep 28th

Contact:  Chris Klein


From the President, Christopher Klein,

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     Dear Members,  

If anyone is looking for a position on our board or in one of our committees, we are always thankful for the application of your talents to our league.  Just let us know of your interest.

Our next General meeting is Aug 20th, at 7:30 p.m. following Bonnie Phillips’ “Paint It - Take It’ session which begins at 6:30 p.m.  This session is ‘Fabric Painting.'

    Our next Board Meeting will be Aug 27th at 6:30 p.m. at Hawthorne Village at 851. W. Lumsden Road, Brandon.  The Board Members are expected to attend and it is open to all of our members.  If you want to join our Board or if you have anything to offer, please join us.

    I hate the fact our Treasurer, Flex Velasquez, is leaving us.  We will missing him terribly.  He will be at the General Meeting if you want to thank him.  He has moved closer to and is very busy with work.  We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for the excellent work that he has done for us.

    We are fortunate that John Tudek has stepped up to the plate on this one.  He will be our new Treasurer.  Thank you to him.

    Another fate to hate is that our wonderful and gentle friend, Kathleen Durham, has passed away.  We were so blessed and edified by her presence that it is hard to believe that she will not be here with us.  To her students, friends, and family, we would like to extend our condolences.  But know that you were in the presence of a great person.

    Our May 2018 demonstrator was … me.  I really enjoyed doing the demonstration.  I am hoping that the club enjoyed it and my ramblings.  I got to paint a portrait of beautiful Denise Verrill.

    Our August 2018 demonstrator is Kathy Durdin, wo will do a watercolor portrait.  She never disappoints and we will surely gain from this demonstration.

    Our ARTWORKS 2018 INVITATIONAL SHOW will be taken in and judged on Wednesday, August 29th.  The take-in is between 09:30AM ro Noon.  The prospectus is in the newsletter emailed to all BLFA Members and can be found [click Here].  Hope you all have been busy working to impress the judge and wow the neighborhood.

    Beth Smedley will be including information on our inclusion in a show at Bloomingdale High School.  It looks like fun.

    Our Paint-Out in June at Betty Fairbank’s was a lot of fun.  Betty works hard to make sure we enjoy ourselves and that we have a nice working environment.  Thank you to her.  And, thank you to all who came to paint, draw, photograph, and add to the conversation.

    Fran Tudek, our Secretary, needs to step down due to personal reasons.  We are in need of a Secretary.  Please think about it.  It is not a lot of work for a group like ours and you would be helping us out.  We are also in need of a Membership Chairperson.  If you could help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Any more news will be presented at the General Meeting.

Praying for the good health and great success of you all ...


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